FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
ObjCryst::RecUnitCell Member List

This is the complete list of members for ObjCryst::RecUnitCell, including all inherited members.

DirectUnitCell(const bool equiv=false) const ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
hkl2d(const float h, const float k, const float l, REAL *derivpar=NULL, const unsigned int derivhkl=0) const ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
hkl2d_delta(const float h, const float k, const float l, const RecUnitCell &delta, float &dmin, float &dmax) const ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
mCentering (defined in ObjCryst::RecUnitCell)ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
mlattice (defined in ObjCryst::RecUnitCell)ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
operator=(const RecUnitCell &rhs) (defined in ObjCryst::RecUnitCell)ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
RecUnitCell(const float zero=0, const float par0=0, const float par1=0, const float par2=0, const float par3=0, const float par4=0, const float par5=0, CrystalSystem lattice=CUBIC, const CrystalCentering cent=LATTICE_P)ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
RecUnitCell(const RecUnitCell &old) (defined in ObjCryst::RecUnitCell)ObjCryst::RecUnitCell
zero (defined in ObjCryst::RecUnitCell)ObjCryst::RecUnitCell