FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
License Information
The ObjCryst++ library is copyright (2000-2002) Vincent FAVRE-NICOLIN and (2000-2001) The University of Geneva (Switzerland)
This is free software, but not public domain. By using it, you agree to the terms of the GPL license (General Public License), which you can find in the top directory of the ObjCryst++ package. Should you wish to use this library in a closed-source project, please contact the author for possible conditions.
Included libraries
Software libraries distributed with this package (but not written by V. Favre-Nicolin) do not fall under the terms of the above copyright and license: these are the atominfo, sglite and newmat package. You should refer to the documentation and legal notes included in their respective directories:
The newmat matrix library (Robert B Davies). This library is only used for matrix SVD decomposition and inversion in Least Squares methods (Least Squares method was written only for tests purposes... Don't expect anything from it...).
The atominfo library(Ralf Grosse-Kunstleve). This library is used to determine the atomic scattering factors for X-Ray, neutrons, as well as anomalous scattering factors and the atomic number.
The SgLite library(Ralf Grosse-Kunstleve). Note that this package is part of the PyMOL Molecular Graphics System (used with permission), and is not free software. It is used to derive symmetry operations from a given spacegroup symbol or number.
The Blitz++ array library (Todd Veldhuizen). This library is used for data storage and calculation in arrays and vectors. (Currently it is not used because of the huge memory requirements when compiling blitz++ expressions using the gcc compiler. Instead the CrystVector and CrystMatrix are used, emulating the blitz interface, but without the smart handling of mathematical expressions.) Support for the Blitz++ should come back some time...