FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
ObjCryst::Crystal::BumpMergePar Struct Reference

Storage for anti-bump/merge parameters. More...

Public Member Functions

 BumpMergePar (const REAL dist, const bool canOverlap=false)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

REAL mDist2
 The squared antibump interatomic distance.
bool mCanOverlap
 Can the two atoms completely overlap ?

Detailed Description

Storage for anti-bump/merge parameters.

Definition at line 309 of file Crystal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ObjCryst::Crystal::BumpMergePar::BumpMergePar ( const REAL  dist,
const bool  canOverlap = false 


distthe bump/merge distance in Angstroems

Definition at line 817 of file Crystal.cpp.

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