FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
ObjCryst::WXTrackerGraph Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 WXTrackerGraph (wxFrame *frame, MainTracker *tracker)
virtual void UpdateDisplay ()
 reads new values from the MainTracker, and asks for a repaint.
virtual void DeleteGraph (const unsigned long id)
 Remove graph.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjCryst::WXMultiGraph
 WXMultiGraph (wxFrame *frame)
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void OnMouse (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnMouseWheel (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
unsigned long AddGraph (const std::string &name)
 Add a graph. More...
void SetGraphData (const unsigned long id, const std::valarray< float > &vx, const std::valarray< float > &vy)
 Set data for a given graph. More...
void AutoScale (const long id=-1, const bool xmin=true, const bool xmax=true, const bool ymin=true, const bool ymax=true)
 Auto-scale graph, i.e. More...
void OnUpdateUI (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
void SetXLabel (const wxString &xlabel)
void SetYLabel (const wxString &ylabel)

Private Attributes

std::map< Tracker *, long > mvId
RefinableObjClock mClockGraphList
 Last time a tracker was added to the graph.
RefinableObjClock mClockGraphValues
 Last time values were added to the graph.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file wxTrackerGraph.h.

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