FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
ObjCryst::PeakList::hkl Struct Reference

One observed diffraction line, to be indexed. More...

Public Member Functions

 hkl (const float dobs=1.0, const float iobs=0.0, const float dobssigma=0.0, const float iobssigma=0.0, const int h=0, const int k=0, const int l=0, const float d2calc=0)

Public Attributes

float dobs
 Observed peak position 1/d.
float dobssigma
 Error on peak position.
float d2obs
 Observed peak position 1/d^2.
float d2obsmin
 Min value for observed peak position 1/(d+disgma/2)^2.
float d2obsmax
 Min value for observed peak position 1/(d-disgma/2)^2.
float iobs
 Observed peak intensity.
float iobssigma
 Error on observed peak intensity.
int h
 Miller indices, after line is indexed.
int k
int l
std::list< hkl0vDicVolHKL
 Possible Miller indices, stored during a dichotomy search.
bool isIndexed
 Is this line indexed ?
bool isSpurious
 Is this an impurity line ?
unsigned long stats
 Indexing statistics.
float d2calc
 Calculated position, 1/d^2.
float d2diff
 1/d^2 difference, obs-calc

Detailed Description

One observed diffraction line, to be indexed.

Definition at line 158 of file Indexing.h.

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