FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
ObjCryst::WXFieldParBase Class Referenceabstract

A field for a parameter. More...

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Public Member Functions

 WXFieldParBase (wxWindow *parent, const string &label, const int field_id, const int hsize=65)
void OnEnter (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
 When a new value is entered (must type it and then hit the 'enter' key). More...
void OnText (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
 Records when text is entered (either from self-updating or user input)
virtual void CrystUpdate (const bool updateUI=false, const bool mutexlock=false)=0
 This gets a new value from the parameter.
virtual void Revert ()=0
 After a user entry, this allows to go back to the last value, if for some reason the entry was rejected (because the object is currently busy, ...)
virtual void ValidateUserInput ()
 This function shall be called when a new value has been entered.
virtual void SetToolTip (const wxString &tip)
 Set tooltip for this window. It will be activated when going over the entry field.
void SetFormat (const wxString &format)
 Set Format.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjCryst::WXField
 WXField (wxWindow *parent, const string &label, const int field_id)
 Constructor, specifying the label of the field.
void SetLabel (const string &)
 Change the field's label.
virtual bool SetForegroundColour (const wxColour &colour)
 Change the colour of the field's title. More...
virtual void SetSize (int width, int height)
 Change the size of the field (excluding the title)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjCryst::WXCrystObjBasic
 WXCrystObjBasic (wxWindow *parent)
virtual ~WXCrystObjBasic ()
virtual void UpdateUI (const bool mutexlock=false)=0
 Update the User Interface, if necessary. More...
 wxDEPRECATED (virtual void BottomLayout(WXCrystObjBasic *pChild))
 Redo the Layout for the object and ask parent to take it into account. More...
virtual void AddChild (WXCrystObjBasic *pChild, bool doBottomLayout=true)
 Notify that a new children has been added, also adding it to the correct sizer (which can be the top sizer or not). More...
void AddedToList (WXCrystObjBasicList *list)
void RemovedFromList (WXCrystObjBasicList *list)
virtual bool Layout ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ReadNewValue ()=0
 Reads the new value when the Enter key is hit.

Protected Attributes

wxTextCtrl * mpField
 The field in which the value is written.
bool mIsSelfUpdating
 Set to true if the Field is being updated, so that no 'EVT_TEXT' is understood as user input. More...
wxString mFormat
 Format to be used, default = _T("%8f")
- Protected Attributes inherited from ObjCryst::WXField
wxBoxSizer * mpSizer
 The horizontal sizer in which the title, button, fields, are put.
wxStaticText * mpLabel
 The label.
const int mId
 The Id of this field.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ObjCryst::WXCrystObjBasic
 Parent, if a WXCrystObjBasic itself.
bool mIsShown
 Is the the window currently shown ?
bool mNeedUpdateUI
 Do we need to update the display ?
CrystMutex mMutex
 Mutex used to lock data when preparing to update the UI in non-main thread.
std::set< WXCrystObjBasicList * > mvpList
 WXCrystObjBasicList which are aware of this object, and which should be told on destruction. More...

Detailed Description

A field for a parameter.

This is a an abstract bas class, which can handle events (the real classes to use is the templated WXFieldPar class). If the parameter is a RefinablePar, use WXFieldRefPar.

Definition at line 416 of file wxCryst.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ObjCryst::WXFieldParBase::OnEnter ( wxCommandEvent &  WXUNUSEDevent)

When a new value is entered (must type it and then hit the 'enter' key).

The Field reads the new value, and directly changes the RefinablePar value (contrary to what happens for WXFieldName)by using RefinablePar::SetHumanValue().

Definition at line 563 of file wxCryst.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool ObjCryst::WXFieldParBase::mIsSelfUpdating

Set to true if the Field is being updated, so that no 'EVT_TEXT' is understood as user input.

Definition at line 444 of file wxCryst.h.

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