FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
ObjCryst::WXScatterer Class Reference

base wxCryst class for Scatterers More...

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Public Member Functions

 WXScatterer (wxWindow *parent, Scatterer *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjCryst::WXRefinableObj
 WXRefinableObj (wxWindow *parent, RefinableObj *)
virtual void CrystUpdate (const bool updateUI=false, const bool mutexlock=false)
 Get new values to be displayed from the underlying object, and raise flag if an UI update is necessary. More...
virtual void UpdateUI (const bool mutexlock=false)
 Update the User Interface, if necessary. More...
virtual bool OnChangeName (const int id)
 When a WXFieldName has been changed by the user, it is handled here. More...
void OnMenuSave (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
void OnMenuLoad (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
void OnMenuFixAllPar (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
void OnMenuUnFixAllPar (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
void OnMenuParRandomize (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
virtual void OnUpdateUI (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjCryst::WXCrystObj
 WXCrystObj (wxWindow *parent, int orient=wxHORIZONTAL, bool showName=true)
 Constructor, with a.
void OnToggleCollapse (wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))
 Only display the title, and collapse everything else. More...
virtual void OnEnable (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
virtual bool Enable (bool enable)
virtual void AddChild (WXCrystObjBasic *pChild, bool doBottomLayout=true)
 Notify that a new children has been added, also adding it to the correct sizer (which can be the top sizer or not). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjCryst::WXCrystObjBasic
 WXCrystObjBasic (wxWindow *parent)
virtual ~WXCrystObjBasic ()
 wxDEPRECATED (virtual void BottomLayout(WXCrystObjBasic *pChild))
 Redo the Layout for the object and ask parent to take it into account. More...
void AddedToList (WXCrystObjBasicList *list)
void RemovedFromList (WXCrystObjBasicList *list)
virtual bool Layout ()
virtual void SetToolTip (const wxString &tip)
 Set tooltip for this window. More...

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from ObjCryst::WXRefinableObj
- Protected Attributes inherited from ObjCryst::WXCrystObj
wxBoxSizer * mpTopSizer
 Top sizer including the title and WXCrystObj::mpSizer.
wxBoxSizer * mpSizer
 Sizer including all sub-objects.
 The title.
bool mIsExpanded
 To be used for collapsing the sub-objects.
WXCrystObjBasicList mList
 All windows but the title and collapse button are in this list.
wxButton * mpCollapseButton
 The collapse button.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ObjCryst::WXCrystObjBasic
 Parent, if a WXCrystObjBasic itself.
bool mIsShown
 Is the the window currently shown ?
bool mNeedUpdateUI
 Do we need to update the display ?
CrystMutex mMutex
 Mutex used to lock data when preparing to update the UI in non-main thread.
std::set< WXCrystObjBasicList * > mvpList
 WXCrystObjBasicList which are aware of this object, and which should be told on destruction. More...

Detailed Description

base wxCryst class for Scatterers

Definition at line 35 of file wxScatterer.h.

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