FOX/ObjCryst++  1.10.X (development)
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CObjCryst::AsymmetricUnitThe basic description of spacegroup asymmetric unit
 CObjCryst::Crystal::BumpMergeParStorage for anti-bump/merge parameters
 CObjCryst::WXMolecule::CellAtomStructure to store the Atom parameters
 CObjCryst::WXMolecule::CellBondStructure to store the bond current values
 CObjCryst::WXMolecule::CellBondAngleStructure to store the bond angles current values
 CObjCryst::WXMolecule::CellDihedralAngleStructure to store the dihedral angles current values
 CChronometerSimple chronometer class, with microsecond precision
 CObjCryst::CIFMain CIF class - parses the stream and separates data blocks, comments, items, loops
 CObjCryst::CIFData::CIFAtomAtom record
 CObjCryst::CIFDataHolds all the information from a single data_ block from a cif file
 CObjCryst::CrystalPOVRayOptionsClass to store POV-Ray output options
 CCrystArray3D< T >3D Vector (Blitz++ mimic) for ObjCryst++
 CCrystMatrix< T >2D Vector library (Blitz++ mimic) for ObjCryst++
 CCrystVector< T >Vector library (Blitz++ mimic) for ObjCryst++
 CCubicSplineCubic spline interpolation
 CObjCryst::Molecule::FlipGroupWhen 3(A1..1n) or more atoms are connected to a same atom A, it defines a 'flip' group, where it is possible to rotate bonds to their symmetric with respect to one plane defined by atoms Ai-A-Aj
 CFormatFloatOutput a number as a formatted float:
 CFormatHorizVector< T >Format vector as horiz array:
 CFormatIntOutput a number as a formatted integer:
 CFormatStringOutput a string with a fixed length (adding necessary space or removing excess characters) :
 CFormatVertVector< T >Output one or several vectors as (a) column(s):
 CFormatVertVectorHKLFloats< T >Output vectors as column arrays, with the first 3 columns printed as integers
 CObjCryst::PeakList::hklOne observed diffraction line, to be indexed
 CObjCryst::PeakList::hkl0One set of Miller indices, a possible indexation for a reflection
 CCrystMatrix< T >::ListInitializer
 CCrystMatrix< T >::ListInitializerSwitch
 CObjCryst::OptimizationObj::LogLikelihoodStatsStatistics about each object contributing to the overall Log(likelihood)
 CObjCryst::LSQNumObj(Quick & dirty) Least-Squares Refinement Object with Numerical derivatives
 CObjCryst::MainTrackerA class to hold all trackers
 CObjCryst::MDAtomGroupGroups of atoms that can be moved using molecular dynamics principles, taking a list of restraints as ptential
 CObjCryst::MolAtomMolAtom : atom inside a Molecule
 CObjCryst::MolRingRing class
 CObjCryst::MolZAtomLight-weight representation of an atom in the molecule, as a part of a Z-matrix
 CObjCryst::Crystal::NeighbourInteratomic distance for a given neighbour
 CObjCryst::Crystal::NeighbourHoodTable of neighbours for a given unique atom
 CObjCryst::ObjCrystExceptionException class for ObjCryst++ library
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< T >Object Registry
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::PowderPatternComponent >
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::RefinableObj >
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::RefObjOpt >
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::Scatterer >
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::ScatteringPower >
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::TexturePhaseMarchDollase >
 CObjCryst::ObjRegistry< ObjCryst::ZAtom >
 CObjCryst::OptimizationObjBase object for Optimization methods
 CObjCryst::PeakListClass to store positions of observed reflections
 CObjCryst::QuaternionA quaternion class, used to represent the orientation of the molecule
 CObjCryst::RecUnitCellLightweight class describing the reciprocal unit cell, for the fast computation of d*_hkl^2
 CObjCryst::RefinableObjGeneric Refinable Object
 CObjCryst::RefinableObjClockWe need to record exactly when refinable objects have been modified for the last time (to avoid re-computation), and to do that we need a precise time
 CObjCryst::PowderPatternDiffraction::ReflProfileProfile of a single reflection
 CObjCryst::RefObjOptBase class for options
 CObjCryst::RefParTypeClass of refinable parameter types
 CObjCryst::RestraintRestraint: generic class for a restraint of a given model
 CObjCryst::Molecule::RotorGroupDefines a group of atoms which can be rotated around an axis defined by two other atoms
 CObjCryst::WXCrystal::RowScattPowStructure to store the scattering power parameters
 CObjCryst::ScatteringComponentA scattering position in a crystal, associated with the corresponding occupancy and a pointer to the ScatteringPower
 CObjCryst::ScatteringComponentListList of scattering positions in a crystal, associated with the corresponding occupancy and a pointer to the ScatteringPower
 CObjCryst::ScatteringCorrBase class to compute all kind of corrections to intensities: Lorentz, Polar, absorption, texcture, extinction, etc..
 CObjCryst::SpaceGroup::SMxStruct to store rot+trans matrix
 CObjCryst::SpaceGroupThe crystallographic space group, and the cell choice
 CObjCryst::SpeedTestReportStructure to hold the results of a speedtest (see ObjCryst::SpeedTest())
 CObjCryst::StretchModeAbstract base Stretch Mode for Molecule objects
 CObjCryst::Molecule::StretchModeGroupGroup of concurrent StretchModes (affecting common restraints) A given stretch mode can only belong to one group
 CObjCryst::SymmetricPairCompare< T >Class to compare pairs of objects, with the two objects playing a symmetric role
 CObjCryst::TexturePhaseMarchDollaseOne texture phase for the March-Dollase model
 CObjCryst::tmp_C_Numeric_localeThis class only serves to temporarilly set the LC_NUMERIC C locale to "C", in order to use '
 CObjCryst::TrackerA class to track the variation of parameters as a function of a number of cycles/trials
 CObjCryst::SpaceGroup::TRxStruct to store trans matrix
 CObjCryst::WXCRYST_IDClass to automatically assign a unique wxID to each window
 CObjCryst::WXCrystObjBasicListA List of WXCrystObjBasic
 CObjCryst::XMLCrystTagClass to input or output a well-formatted xml beginning or ending tag
 CObjCryst::XYZStructure holding 3 coordinates, or deriviatives with respect to each of these coordinates
 CObjCryst::ZAtomClass for individual atoms in a ZScatterer Object